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X1002 soldering iron solder smoke purifier

X1002 soldering iron solder smoke purifier

X1002 soldering iron solder smoke purifier

Product Details:

Place of Origin: dongguan
Brand Name: qubo
Model Number: X1002
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Detailed Product Description

X1002 soldering iron solder smoke purifier

       The possible applications of the cool the Bo dust filter covers almost all will produce air pollution, resulting in smoke, grease, odor, dust, toxic and harmful gases in various places. Widely used in electrical and electronic, LED, toy manufacturing, precision metal, automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, electroplating, laser operations, a variety of jewelry manufacturing, metal polishing, painting, construction, welding, medical and other fields. Variable single, duplex design and multi-layer filtration devices. Including the early effect of the filter, in effect, high efficiency filter element, the main effect of the filter element (part by the HEPA filter and gas filter part). A large area of ​​the early effect of the pad-type filter can effectively filter the larger particles of dust, to extend the life of the main effect filter. The control system with adjustable speed, according to the amount of exhaust gas to produce a continuous accurate adjustment of air volume.
Cool Bo purification can effectively absorb and filter the smoke or dust generated during the production process, adsorption and filtration play on one of the toxic and harmful gases and dust (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrocarbons, hydrogen compounds, etc.) effect, and to achieve the purification rate of 99.97%, in order to prevent environmental pollution.
Purification, clean air can be directly released in the room, no external piping to the outdoor emissions.
Scope of application: X1002 My company specializes in processing electronic solder smoke tin stove Soldering smoke handling and filtration systems designed. Duplex, widely used in electronic appliances, chemical experiments.
Compact and easy to move, simply install it to use, occupy less space.

The product's main features:
A brushless motor, low noise high-speed, stable operation, long life, low power consumption, high efficiency (motor zero maintenance, supplies).
(2) special alloy vortex metal wind wheel design, the resistance to fatigue, running smooth, low noise, high air volume, inhalation force, smoking and high efficiency.
Install variable speed device, the air volume can be adjustable.
Four multi-stage filtration design to ensure a thorough filtering of harmful substances in the smoke, to protect the environment and human health.
The 5. Early effect of, in effect, and the main filter element can be replaced individually, extending the service life of the filter also reduces the use of the cost of the filter.
6. Smoking tube is able to change direction, location, easy to install, no need to have received an additional pipeline, work space tidy and beautiful.
Full metal frame structure design, can resist strong collision and vibration.



Into the wind interface flange

 Input voltage

Input power

Negative pressure

Filtering effect


System flow




AC 110-220V








Packing list:








Bamboo tube or bobbin


With speaker enclosures

Power cord



The early effect of filter sponge


One placed in the machine

PP efficiency filter element



Activated carbon filter






Warranty card



Cool Bo equipment schematic:
1. (Soot + toxic and hazardous emissions),

(2) the early effect of filter (large particle oxides),

3. Efficiency of the filter (about 50 microns particle oxides),

 (4) high efficiency filter (about 0.3 micron tiny particles of oxides)

 5 activated carbon filtration (adsorption of toxic and hazardous emissions),

6. Clean air.

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